A slew of photos taken this evening

Having taken and resized all these photos, I’m not into writing much…but here’s a flood of what I saw this evening on my walk:

Obligatory Ceili shot:

There’s a rosebush just inside our front gate:

Cool front yard flowers:

Teri’s wheels:

Obligatory dog shot + obligatory VW shot:

More front yard flowers:

There’s a huge bush of these things on the side of the house:

Just some cool moss living on firewood:

Grass gone to seed:

Someone has twined together scores and scores of branches, making a grotto of braided branches. I’ve been continuing:

Pretty much anywhere that isn’t a bush, tree, or recently mowed is daisies right now:

Cherries are starting to blush:

Cool new flower, never saw this one before:

These baby apples are about 1″ long

Cool birch fir grove:

This bird followed me around, heckling and hiding from my camera, but I sorta got a shot:

There’s a big bush full of these things…wonder what they are?

Threw some random, out of date seeds into this container of soil…now it’s full of lettuce, with a cabbage, at least 3 corn plants, and a sunflower:

Spinach isn’t doing well here…got a testing kit for ph and nutrients, will have to see what can be done, because I like spinach. (Tomatoes aren’t even doing well enough to photograph, except the ones still in pots)

Broccoli is thriving:

The wild strawberries that cover an aggregate acre or two here seem to be about done, but the garden ones are just starting to deliver juicy goodness:

Swiss chard is going nicely…just had it the other night, delicious:

I named this artichoke plant “Dr. Joe”, after the guy who gave it to me:

Started a few basil plants:

…and finally – a sticker to help confuse those who see my big stupid truck:

2 thoughts on “A slew of photos taken this evening”

  1. Jay Solis

    Holy Cow – I didn’t know you could grow those things. I thought you had to buy them in a super market. Weird – learn something new every day.

    Cool ass pics Pete.

  2. Peter

    Aww, we’re just pretending, we bought them in a supermarket and photographed them lying on the ground 😉

    Actually I’m kind of blown away that after only a few months, we’re already eating stuff from our garden and land…already had lots of wild strawberries, lots of radishes, some chard, chives…and Teri’s cat isn’t exactly disappointed that there are zillions of catnip plants around

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