A walk around the neighborhood

Sorry it’s been so quiet lately – lots of work, travel, more work…but also time out to take a hike at the park down the road from us. The trails don’t seem to go far, but they intersect logging roads so we Not Saw Any Signs and continued on our way into the mountains for a few hours.

A few random photos (none, I’m afraid, of the incredible vistas of fir-covered mountains with clouds sliding through the valleys – had only the silly little pocket camera)





We saw a gazillion mushrooms, which is a daily event now. It’s raining at least a little bit most of the time, and you really get the term “temperate rainforest” walking around out here.

Tired from working full time + an evening/weekend project, and the hike, but we’ll make a new year’s resolution to keep the blog interesting…or at least full of pretty photos, which come easy out here =)

3 thoughts on “A walk around the neighborhood”

  1. Mary Jo & Robert

    Great Photos! Sorry we missed you Teri, but we sure enjoyed the walk around the property with Peter. The newt photo is excellent and reminds me of my days as a zoologist/naturalist/zookeeper in “the Valley”. Info on the cute little guy at http://www.californiaherps.com/salamanders/pages/t.granulosa.html
    They are the first wildlife you see in the high lakes and are a definite sign that spring is coming!!!! Happy New Year!

  2. Teri

    thanks guys – i’m sorry i missed you too! but glad you got to see our new little country home.

    thanks so much for the info on the newt – we’d intended to look him up after our hike, but never got around to it.

    a definite sign that spring is coming, huh? i’ll take it!

    (though really, we’re thoroughly enjoying what they call “winter” around these parts!)

  3. Mary Jo & Robert

    Hi again, by the way, I meant sign of spring in the High Lakes, elevation 5,000 or so. I think the newts are active almost all year in the valley!

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