Tired, promise to post full story of the birthing soon, but for now: cuteness

Drama queen with her little boy:

…and here’s the little girl:

Also I stopped in the middle of fixing the HTML/CSS, so it’s more broken than before, but I’ll finish that soon and IE users will stop seeing a mess =)

6 thoughts on “Tired, promise to post full story of the birthing soon, but for now: cuteness”

  1. tamika

    OH MY! they are darling and I want one or two also! What a great gift to be able to nurture the mom and the babies! Watch them grow..milk, make cheese..keep out of the garden and garbage..oh I could go on!

  2. Peter

    You have to have at least two – they are very social. We do count ourselves lucky; I literally step out the door and look around, hear the chickens and goats and a bazllion other birds and frogs and things, and can’t believe I get to live here. Even though I work my 40 hours/week to pay for it and another 40 to maintain the place, I feel like I’m getting away with something.

  3. Miriam

    We have baby goats up the way, and they are baby goat cute along the black, white and grey line…your little tan, black and white models are beautiful!

  4. Kari & Ron Gaffe'

    Greetings from Rochester, MI:

    Lynn shared your terrific site with us, and we wanted to say hello. This year we are planning our first vegetable garden (after more than eight years here). Hopefully, the Homeowners Association will not object. We are certain goats are out of the question. However, we think the “Chicken Tractor” will move around enough, the neighbors will not notice. You have a standing invitation to visit with us on your next trip here. Take care and we look forward to seeing more wonderful pictures. Kari & Ron

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