I can’t add much to Teri’s beautiful memorial post, but I couldn’t skip posting on this topic altogether.

Oh Babycat. We knew when we decided to let her be an inside/outside cat that there was a risk, but even though her time of freedom was so brief neither of us regret the decision.

She changed as soon as she started spending more time outdoors. We often noticed how much happier and more relaxed she seemed. Before, she was always nervous, annoyed, and twitchy. She had the spirit to not trade too much of her freedom for petty conveniences and false security. We could use more people like that.

Goodbye Babycat; you’re in our hearts and you’re becoming part of our land now, and we’re grateful for all the ways our lives have woven together.

3 thoughts on “Babycat”

  1. Christina

    I think she ended her days the way she wanted to – free and crazy. I think of my little sleeping partner with fondness and will miss her!! xoxox – C

  2. Mary Jo

    So sad to lose a member of the family. What an adventure for a New York feline to experience the real natural world in Oregon. I’m sure she would thank you for the opportunity.

  3. Teri

    christina, mary jo – thank you so much – i do think she lived her last few weeks the way she wanted, and wouldn’t for anything have taken that away for her. adventure, indeed!

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