Barnabas and Clarisse

Barnabas and Clarisse, Aberdeen’s kids from this spring, are the first of our goats that we’ve ever sold. It was hard, but we don’t have the space, money or time to keep all of the goats that have been and will be born here. In order to produce milk, the mamas need to have babies. (And also for their own health ? unbred does can have a tendency to put on weight.)

So far, all of Aberdeen’s offspring have inherited her sweet and gentle personality. We sure do miss those two, but oh boy did they (and we) luck out ? they went to a fantastic home, where I suspect they’re receiving even more scritches and nose-kisses than they did here.

If you want to see them in their new surroundings, click the link below (posted with the permission of their wonderful new caretaker).

Tumalo Bed & Biscuit ? Dog Boarding in Bend, Oregon

(And if you’re ever in the Bend, Oregon, area and have a need to board your dog, something tells me that Tumalo Bed & Biscuit would be the place to do so!)