Because I REALLY needed another project…

Since I have a ton of projects (for instance, you’ve seen the inside of our house, right?) and also one of those “job” things, I figured another time-consuming hobby was just what I need!

I picked up (most of) a 1969 Honda 50 at a garage sale and plan to eventually get it running and cleaned up. That’s going to be a long road, but the simplicity and and mechanical completeness of this thing make it perfect for learning. The most popular motorbike in the world with tens of millions made – sort of the Beetle of the two-wheel world.

I still wouldn’t mind finding a good deal on an old trail or dirt bike, now that an evil, evil person has gotten me hooked on those, but this will be fun to fix up. Of course, I might have a different definition of ‘fun’ from many people.

Here’s what I’ve got mouldering in the shed:
My wreck of a honda

…and here’s what a whole one looks like:
A nice shiny new Honda 50