Big winds

At about 6:00 this morning, we awoke to some of the fiercest winds we’ve seen here so far. The enormous trees to either side of our house were moving from the force of the winds. Peter got the fire going again (it had died down overnight), and we spent a few minutes watching the wind and rain – until the lights flickered a few times and then died. We ran around unplugging any electronics that may be damaged by any surges, and then crawled back into bed. Eventually Peter remembered that our well pump is also powered by electricity, so he got up and filled everything he could find with water before the pressure ran out.

Within just a few hours, the power had returned and the winds had died down, but the heavy rains continued for most of the day. The Weather Channel’s wind advisory for the area said we were getting “SOUTH WINDS OF 20 TO 30 MPH WITH GUSTS TO 50 MPH…AHEAD OF A STRONG PACIFIC COLD FRONT.”

Eventually we ventured outside to check things out. Overall, we seem to have fared pretty well – our only casualties were a large limb off of one of the aforementioned enormous trees (we were quite happy that the broken limb didn’t travel the few feet it would’ve needed to land on our house), and the canopy/screen tent we’d set up in our yard so we could still enjoy the out-of-doors during Oregon’s famous rainy season (otherwise known as fall, winter and spring).

If you’re interested, here’s some photos of the aftermath, along with a little eye candy. Enjoy!

Peter under the broken limb – if you look closely, you can see that it’s resting on some of the tree’s lower limbs:

peter under broken limb

Another view of the broken limb, still hanging from the tree:

broken limb

Broken limb at the base:

limb at base

Peter sawing off the lower end of the broken limb:

peter sawing

After he sawed off the lower end, the part of the limb that was still up in the tree came down – but only partway. It came to rest on the same lower limb, which wasn’t broken. The challenge was pulling the rest of the broken limb off, without breaking the limb it was resting on as well – but we managed…

more broken limb

This is what’s left of our canopy:


canopy close-up

And now, for a little rainy-day eye candy…

Raindrops on fir trees:

raindrops on needles

A day-glow rain-soaked leaf:

day-glow leaf

Ok, it’s rainy season in Oregon – that means mushrooms of all shapes, sizes and colors popping up everywhere. And most of them are fantastic – weird, outer-space-like shapes and hues. But WOW – we have the most amazing PURPLE mushrooms I’ve ever seen:

purple shroom

purple shrooms

more shrooms