Buses by the Bridge – January 12-14



We camped for three days in Lake Havasu City, at an event called Buses By The Bridge. A gathering of over 250 VW Buses, Vanagons, and Eurovans, plus assorted Beetles, Things, etc. Fortunately, Teri is thoroughly infected with the (excuse pun) VW bug, so she enjoyed the sights and sounds almost as much as I did.

We made a couple of friends, got stuck in the sand (Note: tire chains only make things worse on the beach), and froze our butts off. Here are some more of the vehicles we drooled over:

What a beauty:


Yes, there’s a VW bus under that Winnie shell:



This guy had the sweetest setup – he made a matching teardrop trailer and set up a whole tiki lounge:


There was a polar-bear swim…and you thought the bus-a-bago was insane?


…and finally, here’s our camp. The solar panels really came in handy, camping for three days with no hookups: