Butano State Park – Jan 23rd & 24th

Once again, our system of driving until we get tired, then looking for a campsite, has paid off well. We had actually planned to stay at a different state park, but eventually realized we had missed the turn-off for that one – so we consulted our trusty map and decided to give Butano a try.

It was beautiful – out in the redwoods, with almost nobody else around. We stayed for 2 nights, and enjoyed a lovely hike down a fire road (we couldn’t take the dog on the trails), that was absolutely stunning.

Butano Campsite

The only seeming drawback was that there were no shower facilities. We were heading into San Francisco next, and had already been several days without a shower, so we decided to break out our solar shower. However, we were in the middle of the forest – tall redwoods all around, so there was no sun to head the water – and it was COLD.

Peter decided to try heating water on the stove and pouring it into the solar shower bag. We hung it off the side of the car, stripped down, and enjoyed lovely hot showers in the middle of January in the woods. Needless to say, it was chilly – but quite invigorating!

Peter's Shower in the Woods