Catching up…Smoky Mountains to Palatka, FL

So we’ve been a bit remiss in keeping up with the blog…on the 10th, we stopped for a day in Charlotte, NC, to visit a good friend of mine from my high school years. It was great catching up – the second time in this journey that I’ve seen someone for the first time in 20 years and had a blast.

From there, we headed South, stopping again at a KOA in South Carolina which Teri blogged about below. Much nicer than the parking lot vibe of many RV parks, and did much to improve my opinion of KOA in general. It’s nice, and we can get internet access there to work and blog, but still nothing like real camping (some of which is coming up in the next post).

We got to Florida on the 14th, intending to stay in a “primitive” campground in Ocala National Forest (ie, no facilities – REAL camping), but it was late and dark and I hadn’t researched things quite as well as I could have. After an hour of jouncing down unpaved forest roads in the dark, we ended up getting a room at a Quality Inn in Palatka. I paid about a hundred bucks for shoddy planning, and Teri was incredibly tolerant of the whole fiasco.

It was a pleasant respite, and resulted in a few wildlife sightings:

Bat hanging out at the Quality Inn:


Owl irritated by my wee-hours photo mission:


The bridge to Palatka:

Bridge to Palatka, FL

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  1. Michele

    Great photos! I love reading about your adventures on the road as I can now live vicariously through someone else’s travels. Get your butts out here so we can go hot-spring hopping in the Oregon Outback!

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