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Tantalizing taste of what’s to come!

Gods I love the weather out here.

Found this little beauty behind the house today:
First flower feb 15 2008

Spent a little time brainstorming about the goat stable…the primary construction material will be shipping pallets, plus a few stout, rough-split poles I originally collected for firewood. Here’s about half of what I figure I’ll need (more scrounging to do!):
Future goat house

The fencing is mostly in good shape, but about 100′ of it droops beneath a thick mat of blackberry. I’ve already spent hours clearing it, but there’s a full day of work just getting the rest of it off the fence:
blackburied fence

Finally, to cap off this random little post, a backlit photo of one of last year’s hot peppers:
hot pepper backlit

More veggie porn

Tobacco is over 3′ tall now:

Spearmint discovered for us by our friend Christina:

I can’t wait for these…I mean really can’t wait; I chopped up a couple of half-grown ones to throw into pasta sauce the other night:

Apples apples apples…making apple-blackberry sauce as fast as I can:

The hot peppers just keep on coming:

The corn is actually turning into….corn!

I’ve been picking all the broccoli flowers about once a week, and they just keep cranking out more:

I was not the first to discover this pumpkin flower: