Ceili, the Dingoroo 1993-2008

I can’t bring myself to write a post yet. Here’s this, since I expect most of our readers have met her. Apologies to dialup users, for whom this video will take 30 minutes or so to preload.

6 thoughts on “Ceili, the Dingoroo 1993-2008”

  1. don

    What a lovely tribute. When we lose members of our family, it’s tough. Knowing that we helped them live a good life is a comforting thought. We all will die but if we made the world a better or just happier place, what more could we ask?

  2. Michele

    Oh Peter, that made me cry!
    Ceili was so lucky to live a long life with you–we will all miss her terribly.

  3. Nykie

    My deepest sympathies Peter. She was wonderful dog. The best behaved dog I ever knew. She loved you terribly. She will be missed by many.

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