Cheese that isn’t quite cheese

I found a recipe online for making gjetost, a sweet, salty brown cheese I enjoyed in Sweden (and occasionally from a specialty shop here). It’s not a moldy type cheese, it’s boiled-down goat whey (the watery stuff left after you use goat milk to make a hard cheese).

Luckily, since our goats won’t be giving us milk until next Spring, I found a neighbor willing to part with a few gallons of whey, which would otherwise have been fed to her dogs. After boiling all day long, the two gallons of whey was a brown paste about 1″ deep in a 12″ pot. I whipped it smooth with a little hand blender and refrigerated. And it worked!

This is a love it or hate it cheese; carmelized lactose with lots of salt, about the consistency of peanut butter. My first batch turned out a little grainy, so I gave the second one more whipping with the blender, which seemed to help a bit. I was too busy to document the process, but here’s the recipe I followed, with some photos below.

How to Make Gjetost

Wrapped up for freezing:

Spread on a cracker*:

* The first batch was a little soft, so technically was mytost (same thing, but spreadable)