Chicken nest box from salvaged lumber

A year or so ago, I got a truckload of free seconds from a friend with a sawmill…nice stuff, but too knotty/cracked/warped to charge top dollar to a client for. Excellent for building livestock equipment, though!

This box is for a friend who gave us our beautiful new chickens. It’s very similar to the one I made for us, but went a LOT faster and is a bit more refined. Total investment: about 1 hour and $1 worth of screws and such.
Nesting box for chickens, made out of salvaged lumber

2 thoughts on “Chicken nest box from salvaged lumber”

  1. Hilary

    Haha, cute! Our nesting box is the remains of an old doll crib, it doesn’t feel quite like a “real” nest box but the chickens seem to be happy with it as we’ve been getting three eggs a day from our four girls all winter long, even in the two feet of snow we got in December! Beautiful Banties by the way!

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