Crispy critter (or “curiousity killed the rodent”) (or “electricity killed the squirrel”)

Around 10am, I was working at the computer and heard a loud “POP!” out by our telephone pole, and all the electric went down. The electric co-op got a repairman here very quickly, and he extracted a fried squirrel from the transformer by our house. I’m afraid it’s the one we were getting friendly with, who would steal sunflower seeds from the shed when he thought we weren’t looking. I buried him in the yard, hope it’s not the one we were befriending.

Since our driveway is overgrown a bit, I had to trim a few small branches for the electric guy to get his truck in. The goats were VERY happy about this:


2 thoughts on “Crispy critter (or “curiousity killed the rodent”) (or “electricity killed the squirrel”)”

  1. kot

    NIce! I love your goats!!!!!!
    I am showing then to everybody –
    You are now known as ‘that-Pete-who-has-goats’.

    I joined the recent crack group – the ‘face book’
    are you on it? m’ not sure – there are lot of Bergins

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