Birth day

Earlier today, I was feeding the chickens and doing some general clean-up in the coop, when I was startled by what I thought was a soft “peep!” I went inside next to the broody box, and sure enough, heard it again. Then I ran to get Peter so he could hear it too. It appears that at least one of Shygirl’s eggs is going to hatch! (Or possibly already has, though I’ve read that you usually hear them peep from inside the egg up to a day before they peck their way out. The reason we don’t know for sure is that mama hen will keep the newborns under her so they stay warm and dry until the rest of the eggs have hatched.)

And Aberdeen… she’s in labor again! This time it looks like it’s for real. Her contractions have been getting harder and closer together throughout the day, and we’re expecting her to reach the pushing stage at any time.

We fully expect to have anywhere from one to three more goat babies by the time we get to bed tonight, and possibly some baby chicks as well!

More news when we have it…