I’ve been making lots of rough sketches, trying to figure out where to put everything for practical, aesthetic, and weight-distribution reasons. I really like the bed in the middle with cabinets to either side, but those cabinets would be only about 7″ wide so it’s probably not the most usable plan: A more careful measurement shows that there would be 9+ inches on either side, so this looks like the plan!

Here’s a quickie photoshop visualization of what the bed area would be like with this plan (the right-foreground area would have a stove, not another sliding door. I was too lazy to photoshop out the ugly speaker arrangement from the donor photo):

The other prime candidate is a partial mirroring of the usual westy layout, with bedside cabinetry running along the passenger side, the idea being to balance out the weight of the kitchen on drivers’ side. Picture the bed and bedside cabinets switched in this pic:

Whichever way I go, cabinets will only go up to window level, to keep the excellent visibility and make the camper feel more open (except behind driver/passenger seats, where I can go a little higher without losing my view of other cars)

Now you know why I’m a programmer, not a designer :-p