Early Spring photo fest

No time for funny farm stories or anything like that – spring is busy busy busy, lots of things growing in the ground already and critters popping babies out right and left – but here's some pretty photos, which is probably why you're here anyway…

Spring in the orchard

Pear tree


Wild strawberries


Bees love dead nettle

…and there's way more of it than we could hope to eat


Lingonberry bushes are hanging on, and they flower, but no fruit

New garden gate for new garden fence that will keep the deer out this summer. We hope…

Storage shed under construction – to free up a nicer building that I want to use as an office

The turkale keeps on turkking

The river at dusk, after several days of unusually heavy rain


3 thoughts on “Early Spring photo fest”

  1. kate

    . . . luscious spring, when all of Life says yes, and things smell so dang good . . . wish i were there to help you germinate and plant and clean out from winter and snuggle the chickens. okay, maybe not the last one, becuz they wouldn’t let me, but maybe the goats would and you get the drift 🙂

  2. Holly

    Just stumbled upon your blog somehow and I’m in dreamland. You guys are my new hero’s for many many reasons. Sustainable living, Oregon, VW, chickens, goats, cheese, wood stove, oh my, where does it end! I’m excited to keep browsing your old posts and see your new ones, especially now that it’s spring and exciting things will be happening, like baby goats? I live in Canada in a small town, so my life is very different. But I very badly want a life more similar to what you guys are doing. Someday, someday. But for now I suppose I should get the kids out of the bath, the turkey out of the oven, and my head out of the clouds:-)

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