Goat friendship and eggs: both pretty miraculous

Me and Drama Queen (with Koko's head on her back and Aberdeen behind)Here I am with Drama Queen…that’s Koko’s ear and nose behind Drama’s head, and Aberdeen behind me.

It might sound silly to someone who always got eggs from a supermarket, or who always had chickens, but today we ate “homegrown” (home laid?) eggs for the first time, and it was a thrill. It’s amazing that these pigeon-sized bantam hens lay such big eggs.

The shells were very firm and thick, so they cracked neatly with no shrapnel. Yolks were the deep orange, high-domed ones we’ve gotten used to from real free-range eggs, and unsurprisingly the omelet was delicious.


Omelet from bantam chicken eggs

2 thoughts on “Goat friendship and eggs: both pretty miraculous”

  1. onceandfuturefarmer

    Just found your blog—what a delight! I’ve loved banties since I got my first trio decades ago (bantam white cochins). From your other photos, I’m wondering if your banties are Bantams Old English Games, do you know? OEGs are nice little birds, and very good at shifting for themselves. I like the little BBReds, myself; Atom looks rather like one.

    Congratulations on the eggs! If you can manage to keep several for more than three days, banty eggs make the most delightful bit-sized deviled eggs. 🙂

  2. Peter

    Hi “Once and future” – thanks for the kind words! We’re not sure what kind of bird our bantams are, but we’re very pleased.

    I (Peter) am a big ova-vore, so I don’t know if we’ll ever accumulate enough eggs for other than breakfast…guess we’ll need more hens!

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