Last night we finally left Brooklyn and headed out to visit my mom in Long Island before heading North and West. Should’ve been easy; we even decided to stay at an RV park on Long Island to save the First Big Drive for the next day.

We spent a couple of hours enjoying the BQE/LIE branches of Hell and finally arrived at our campground, after dark, in a light rain. In the dark, I missed seeing a pothole in the parking pad, but Teri’s foot found it right quick. You know what they say about head wounds? That even a minor one produces a great deal of blood? It’s true, it really is.

So there we are, geysers of gore gushing from Teri’s gourd, the dog getting wetter and wetter in the rain, and no idea where the restrooms might be since we showed up after closing time. We determined that Teri wouldn’t need stitches by the simple expedient of mentioning stitches – she was having none of that hospital stuff, ergo, no stitches.

The injury, once cleaned, turned out to be not that bad, and we had a lovely sleep. Despite everything, it feels good to have begun. More later….