Finding parts

It’s been too cold to go work out on the street, so I’ve been hunting down parts online. So far, I’ve secured:

Old Westy seat-bed The convertable seat-bed from an older Westy. I’ll be recovering the cushions and will post photos and notes on the process. It’ll be interesting to see how much modification this old model will take to go into an ’85. I’m hoping to transplant some seatbelts from my stock seats.

– a 15 watt solar panel and controller to keep batteries topped up
– a Mr. Heater “indoor safe” propane heater. I would never sleep with one, but it seems like it’ll do a nice job for hanging out in the van.
– koolatron 12v cooler – minimal current draw, cools 40 degrees below ambient temp
– power steering fluid filter – I’m told that this is often a neglected replacable
– shifter base repair kit – hopefully this will smooth it out; it’s the plastic bits in the shifter base, which wear
– fluids, bulbs, etc.

I’ve LOVE some recommendations for VW mechanics in my area, for the stuff I can’t do on the street. Also a body shop to fix where some schmuck hit both wheel arches on the passenger side.