Found my curtains!

I found my curtain material at a great used stuff store called “Junk” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’ll do all purple if there’s enough for two thicknesses, otherwise the outside of them will be the blue. Some kind of insulating material will go between the two pretty layers. Gonna get one of those $30 “as seen on TV!” sewing gadgets and try my luck…I mean, it’s only one project, how hard could it be?

Yeah, I know, I’m totally gonna end up hiring someone to do this for me :-\

One thought on “Found my curtains!”

  1. me!


    we were on driggs, but not on n6th

    i think this is an old link for an old incarnation
    of the same store

    or an old link for a different, similarly-named store


    p.s. your “submit” button is missing a “t”

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