Free salad

We recently enjoyed a delicious salad made mostly of "weeds":



  • Young dandelion leaves (feral)
  • Dead nettle tops with their purple flowers (feral)
  • Ox-eye daisy greens (feral)
  • Chives (just starting to come back up from last year's planting)
  • Turkale* sprouts (planted a few weeks ago in a cold frame)

Teri whipped up a lemon-garlic-olive oil dressing that perfectly smoothed the sharp flavor of the dandelion, and as soon as I finish this post the remains of the salad will be going into an omelet.  It feels SO good to start getting fresh produce from the garden again, especially since about the only effort involved was in gathering the greens!

* We planted turnips and kale in the cold frame last winter, not thinking of the fact that they are closely related and can interbreed.  Some of the seeds that resulted are now sprouting in the cold frame, but we really can't be sure whether we created an unintentional hybrid – so until it becomes clear what this stuff is, we're calling it "Turkale."  Either way, the greens should be tasty

2 thoughts on “Free salad”

  1. Linda Edgar

    That does look pretty yummy. I’ve never tried dead nettles, gonna have to give them a go one of these days.

    Saw a commercial on TV with a goat on skis, and for some reason I thought of you guys.


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