Out with the old seat

Finally had a little warmer weather and free time today, and got rid of the old rear seat, which was more damaged and decrepit than I’d thought. Cannabilized some of it to patch a cigarette burn in the middle seat, which I’ll keep.

The van will be modular; camping equipment and most cabinets only go in when I’m on a trip. The rest of the time, the rear seat-bed will be there and I can throw the middle row back in if I need to. This also should cut down on the “curious crackhead” factor; my old Westy was broken into repeatedly, I think they look like they might be full of booty.

For a 20 year old car, the underseat accumulation was disappointing; crayon melting on the rear heater, petrified snack foods, and lots of sand. Only a few spots of surface rust to deal with, though this wet wood screwed into the floor had me worried for a while (note skanky sock):
nastyness under seat

Engine still dripping a bit of oil; seems to come down the cooler, but it’s not bad. Have filter and oil to change it, guess I’ll dig around and see what’s what while I’m down there.

Power steering pump (I believe) sounds rather ominous, and there’s a belt squeal sometimes, darned if it doesn’t seem to happen much more when the weather’s cold. On the tomorrow list.