Garden update

Zucchini starts sat around in their little pots till they started flowering, poor things, but now they’re in double-dug, well-manured soil:

Potatoes are growing like crazy…it’s very comforting to see, because this can be a staple item most of the year:

Kale is finally coming up (we had a strange, extended Winter and Spring):

Last year, our peas succumbed to a lawnmower accident…this year I marked them clearly, and they’re thriving, starting to flower now:

We started a whole bunch of tomatoes from seed in the early spring, and then the seedlings languished for months without really growing, and a few died. Finally, the plants are starting to take off:

This patch doesn’t look like much in the photo, but it holds red lettuce, onions, chives, broccoli, tomatoes, jalapeños, sweet peppers, and a whole bunch of sunflowers:

We have a lot of happy raspberry plants now. I bought 30 rhizomes from a neighbor (conventional red raspberries), and dug up a few of the luscious black raspberries from the woods, which are flowering now:

I know I posted the lingonberries before, but now they’ve got wood chip mulch, which makes them much more visible:

I prepared a little bed next to the house and planted dill, oregano, basil, and an especially nice catnip plant here:

The pear tree looks like it’s going to give us a huge crop this year:

There will be lots of apples too. These are about 1/2″ wide now:

Indian Plums grow wild here and there…edible, but not considered very tasty. We’ve yet to try them, but we will: