Garden update

Yes, it’s another post of organically grown eye candy =)

I’ll work from the North end of the property, where the Orchard is, toward the garden in the South.

Some would say I do it this way because I’m a Capricorn, but I’m way too much of a typical Capricorn to give credence to astrology.

There are about half a dozen apple trees around the property, and they’re getting heavier every day:
Red Apples

Multicolored tassels on the multicolored corn should lead to multicolored kernals:
multicolored corn tassle

The flowers have calmed down a bit in anticipation of the end of summer, but there’s hardly a shortage:
Porch flowers

We’ve probably got 2/3 of the wood we’ll need to get through the winter now…about half of that waiting to be split. It’s a good feeling; our fuel for the winter is tangible, visible. We’ll be warm regardless of how everyone’s business is going.
Got wood?

We’ve been working on new habits, to reduce the rate at which we gobble up the earth’s resources. Here are plastic bags washed and drying, to be used again at the market, for leftovers, etc.
plastic bags drying

I really need to learn all I can about preserving apples in the coming weeks!
muchos manzanas

This pear tree has only a few pears, but they look and smell so goooooood:

Teri’s friend theorized that this might be buckwheat or a relative…it just popped up in a container of lettuce and corn I had planted:
is it buckwheat?  what is it?  it has a green twin...

We let whole row of radishes go to seed, and eventually they produce these pods with a few seeds in each. We are now set on radish seeds for next year…err…possibly for several years.
radish seedpod

Pumpkin plant – started them a bit late, hope the gentle climate out here lets them live long enough.
pumpkin plant

The older flowers are heavy with seeds, and it’s still producing more. I think I’ll be saving these seeds for planting next year.
sunflower plant still crankin' 'em out

The tobacco plants are finally taking off

Sweet corn is tasseling…
sweet corn

…and silking (tassels are the male flower on top, silk is the female flower where the cob will grow.)
corn silk

There are about to be a zillion cherry tomatoes. We’ve eaten a few already; all store-bought tomatoes, even from organic-fancy-expensive health food stores, pale in comparison.
cherry tomatoes

Another “lifetime supply” thing…We’ve got about half a dozen hot pepper plants of different kinds, all putting out fruit now and all very potent.
hot pepper