Stanchion and stand in action

The full story of the birth of Drama’s babies is coming, we promise – in the meantime, here’s this…

We’re too busy to take photos when we’re actually milking, but for anyone who wondered exactly how that milking stand worked, here it is with an occupant happily munching away at her grain ration:

6 thoughts on “Stanchion and stand in action”

  1. Mary Jo

    Hey Teri,
    Congratulations on the kids! Those are great ‘farmer boots’ too! Perfect for that western Oregon weather!

  2. Miriam

    I like the t-shirt, compliments the boots perfectly! And the goat looks pretty happy as well – seems your contraption works…

  3. teri

    hey thanks! the boots are the best thing ever, and have saved my “real” shoes from the oregon mud and the various and sundry animal excrement around here

    and the shirt? a st. vincent de paul special!

  4. Jody H

    Hi there-
    My neighbor and I have 3 goats and are looking to build a stanchion with as much salvaged wood as possible. I was wondering if you would be willing to share precise directions with me on your clever device. Both our husbands are carpenters but this is something we would like to achieve ourselves. Thanks a bunch!

  5. Peter Post Author

    Hi Jody,
    Our milking stand is mostly based on the Fias Co Farm plans, adapted to the materials on hand (shipping pallets). I’d highly recommend working from their plans (and their “Molly’s Herbal Salve” is a staple around our barn, too!)

    This scribbled sketch is what I actually worked from – I don’t tend to draw detailed plans for these sort of things because their shape is dictated largely by what sort of scrap lumber we’ve scavenged recently anyway.

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