Home =)

Just a short entry, because we’re doing a million things at once, setting up a new household, but…well…we now live in Cheshire, Oregon, about 30 minutes outside of Eugene.

We have a small (though not compared to our NYC apartments!) cottage and share 10 acres with our very cool landlord. There are fruit trees, a studio/workshop, a river along the back of the property, and all that good stuff. Our cottage is in need of a little love, but we’re very pleased.

Here’s the new digs:


More soon…

6 thoughts on “Home =)”

  1. Jay Solis

    DUDE! You stopped!! I feel like it’s when Forest Gump stopped running.

    Now if someone says “who the hell lives in Oregon, I have an answer.


  2. susan

    That is 1 cute little cottage and the views sound great. I have read about your trip and I was pleased you liked Joshua Tree I actually live just up the hill from the beatnik cafe. We moved from Anaheim, ca here about 8 mos ago and love the rural atmosphere. I think you will enjoy your new home and your dog will love the space to run. Good Luck, Susan

  3. Christine

    holy sh*t!

    i can’t believe you stopped! what am i going to read now? this is the sweetest little cabin i’ve ever seen and i can’t wait to visit!

    love to you both!


  4. dave & linda

    sweet digs! i (dave) once spent time in a similar cabin owned by my aunt & uncle in so. cal. brings back some ooolld hippie memories! congrats on finding a home, hope you love it. and if ya don’t, well. nobody’s gonna move the road. hope we can come see ya one of these days!

    much love,
    dave & linda

  5. Andy Fitch

    Glad to see you made it to your destination safe and sound, Hopefully you didn’t have any major problems along the way (not that you couldn’t handle them) Congrats on your new homestead!

    Andy (your dad’s wife’s son) just in case you weren’t sure who I was….lol


  6. Lesley

    Love the new digs! And that is one bigass tree you got growing behind it! Ah, nature. Keep up the blogging for us nature/fresh air deprived folks back in NYC! Congrats again on making it all the way! (and nice move choosing OR over SF. You have my full support on that one!). 😉

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