9 thoughts on “How to take your goat to the vet”

  1. Peter

    @Winnie: Umm, did you have trouble spotting them before? Anyway, as a Capricorn, I’m far too left-brained to give credence to astrology.

    @Mostlypurple: She had some udder sores. Doc believes it’s a staph infection and gave us some Chlorhexadine (sp?) shampoo to clear it up. We were afraid of soremouth, but none of the others – including her still-nursing kids – have gotten whatever it is so that’s unlikely…fingers crossed!

    @Kate: She was quite a trooper, but I think she started feeling sick partway and made her little honking unhappy sounds. She DID poop on Teri, though.

    @Kelly: I think we were both giggling the whole way there and back =)

  2. Debbie F.

    Looks and reminds me of our 2 yr old pygmy.Going in the car to the vet.Sparkles had my 20 yr old daughter ride in the back while she stayed in the pasenger seat..lol.. Had to take her to the vet,cuz she`s haven a false pregnacy.

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