In which curtains and wheelcovers are installed, hair is removed, and a P.O. travesty uncovered

The wheelcovers were bothering me since I got the van – horrid generic ones trying to look like alloy wheels and failing miserably:

…and of course the lack of curtains can be bothersome when camping, but I got what is basically a toy sewing machine from Target and cobbled together the first set…they need some tweaking and retaining straps, but I’m pleased. Wild purple on the inside:

…and a less conspicuous blue on the outside (you can also see the proper chrome hubcaps here…sortof):

Some day, maybe I’ll paint the van purple and reverse the curtains, since the interior is already blue.

Finally, the previous owner tragedy of the week…the same guy who sold me the wheelcovers sold me some proper Vanagon front speakers, which matters because non-stock ones protrude and interfere with the glovebox and window crank. The VW speakers were brown, but I used Forever Black plastic dye and they looked perfect. YAY! Outside with a screwdriver to remove the old ones, which had already drawn blood.

Whatever genius put the wrong speakers in accomplished it by enlarging the holes in the door panel with a saw.

The VW speakers, which should snap into place and sit perfectly flush, go through the hole and fall into the door. I’ll need to find some door panels in the boneyard or invent something. Sonofa….