Itchin' to get goin'

Sitting here in my office at work, where I’ve built a little fort of UPS boxes to keep pesky producers away :-p

A new muffler + installation hardware, a big fresh water tank to go under the sink, a powered roof vent, and another solar panel will all be taking a cab ride home with me today. Gonna be some major updates to this site on Sunday!

The Plan:
This weekend, I’ll replace the rotten old muffler and nonexistant tailpipe, find plumbing fittings to route the sink drain around the new 16 gallon freshwater tank that comes within 3″ of the drainhole, evaluate the wisdom of installing a 14″ powered air vent above the stove area and maybe cut a 14″ hole in my roof and install it, make a cover for the propane tank storage area that can double as a nightstand, give said propane tank area a vent to the outside (beneath tank, propane being heavier than air), hardwire my voltage inverter…