Mongaup Pond

Mongaup Pond is a great state campground about 2 hours North of NYC (once you’ve cleared city traffic, which could take 2 hours more).

Just when I’m feeling disappointed at driving a hundred miles without seeing another VW, some kid who’s admiring the Letsgo at a small-town diner invites us to see his project Beetle…and a 60s Impala…and an old Willys jeep…and a late 50s Dodge…and an El Camino with a new crate 454. There was one late-model car in the driveway, a Sunbird. “Someone gave us that thing.” sufficed for the Sunbird, but we got the full tour of the family’s collection. And now another innocent young soul has a developing case of Vanagon addiction >;^)

Dog reflected in Vanagon door: