More Blackwater River State Park – 4300 miles

Finally tore ourselves away from Blackwater River after 5 days…Christmas day we got too late of a start, then made some friends so we stayed for dinner…then the next day I didn’t feel up to a long drive. Now we’re in New Orleans, in a motel, which is rather surreal after five days in the woods. About to head over to Bourbon St. still smelling of woodsmoke.

Here’s a few pix –

River soon after dawn:
Blackwater River, Florida

Holly bush:

Holly in Blackwater River State Park, Florida

A Cardinal:


Our campsite:

Our little house in the park

Campsite by night:

Our campsite at night

2 thoughts on “More Blackwater River State Park – 4300 miles”

  1. Agnes

    I am your 2nd cousin, your Dad is my cousin. Looks like you are having a great time, carry on!!!

  2. Mary Jo & Robert

    Hi Peter & Teri,
    Sorry about the late Christmas dinner, and all the beverages! The conversation was excellent though! I didn’t feel too good either! We found another beautiful camping site in the Blackwater River State Forest, just north of the state park; Hurricane Lake (much better than it sounds). We spent 9 more days out in the woods there. You have a great website too!

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