Nature and bagels, ahhhhh

Yesterday on my way home from work, I looked up and saw an enormous eagle chasing a smaller hawk which was carrying some small, unlucky rodent in its talons. An amazing sight. The hawk dove, turned, climbed, but the eagle was right on his butt just a few feet behind. I guess I witnessed a rural mugging.

Later in the day, an 18″ black snake slithered across my path in the orchard, where the Queen Anne cherries are now edible but not fully ripe and the apple trees are loaded with 1 1/2″ baby apples.

That’s all well and good, but I hadn’t had a real bagel in a looooong time. Today I tried Bagel Sphere, and it’s the closest I’ve had since NYC. A good everything bagel (not one of those giant, bread garbage things) with CC, lox, capers, and onions – YUM! Now if only they had pizza out here…I think we’re gonna start experimenting with making it ourselves…

3 thoughts on “Nature and bagels, ahhhhh”

  1. Peter

    Thanks! I’ll have to try Mezza Luna. I’ve also heard mixed reviews of the “NYC STYLE” pizza place on the UO campus…

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