Ocala National Forest – 3700 miles

Finally, some real out-there scary-at-night camping! Davenport Landing is a primitive (ie, no facilities) campsite in Ocala N.F., several miles down a forest road from the pavement.

Map 2006 12 20

Here’s the “road” into the site, about half a mile from the unpaved Forest Road 77:

The road to Davenport Landing

This Lushness in the middle of December, especially after a few weeks in beautiful-but-frigid Michigan…ahhhhhhh!
Lushness in December!

Here’s our “house”:

Our house, in the middle of the wooods

And a strange bug…at first I thought it was two bugs gettin’ jiggy, but it seems like the back half wraps up over the back:

Strange bug

This slow-moving river was just down a little hill from the campsite:

Big, heavy, wood

A very scary looking spider – at first I thought he was being eaten by some sort of beetle, but the carapace is definitely his. I’m glad he’s only about 1cm long
Weird spider

One morning as I made coffee, I noticed Ceili straining at the leash…looked up, and saw this:

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  1. Jay Solis

    Dude – I’ve seen those spiders the last time I was in Florida. They are so strange they’re cool.

    And great video man. I’ve been that close to a bear before, but I wasn’t as calm as you.

    Keep up the posts. It makes my view from my cube that more depressing 😛

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