One plucky little tomato

We’re still adjusting to the rhythms of sowing and harvesting. Food comes in bunches, from our garden and our CSA, and sometimes we just don’t get around to canning/drying/freezing/eating it in time.

This tomato got soft in our hanging basket, and was almost on its way to the compost bin when we noticed something funny…seeds sprouting right through the skin! No waiting till next year for this one:

Impressed by its determination, we decided to stick it in a pot and see what happens. I don’t know if a tomato plant can really survive in the see-saw climate of a rickety old cottage with woodstove heat, but we’ll see…who knows? We haven’t thinned the seedlings; it’s become a bit of a natural selection experiment:

5 thoughts on “One plucky little tomato”

  1. Mary Jo & Robert

    Wow, we’re envious! We’ve already had several hard freezes here in Bend. We’ve been camping a lot in the high lakes and Robert caught a few trout I pan fried. Nothing like a meal of the freshest fish possible!

  2. Peter

    …and now thanks to Suzie I have Joey Ramone and Debbie Harry singing “Go little Camaro go” in my head over and over…

    Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh

    C’mon baby let’s shake
    C’mon baby move
    C’mon baby let’s shake
    C’mon baby move

  3. Kelly

    It’s been a while since I’ve visited – great new pics and stories. I love the video of the goats mating (trying to mate???)!

  4. Peter

    Oh, it was successful, several times with each doe…whether they caught, well, that’s up to fate and we won’t be sure for some time…

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