12 thoughts on “Our wedding: July 2, 2011”

  1. Lisa

    HOORAY! Mom and Dad aren’t shackin’ anymore – or they are forever more! So sorry we could not be home for this but we were thinking of you, in our own peculiar goatly way! New Mom sends love! Clarisse & Barnabas

  2. Mary Jo & Robert

    Congratulations! Just happens to be the same day we were celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary! Wishing you many wonderful years ahead!

  3. Teri Post Author

    thanks, y’all! it was a really fun day…

    and wow, congratulations on 29 years, mary jo and robert!

    @kate: the tattoos are our “wedding rings”… couldn’t see spending the money on something that one or both of us would be likely to either damage or lose in a compost pile… 🙂

    @barnabas and clarisse: does your mother know you were using her computer? and how did you manage to type with those hooves?

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