Out in the ‘yard’

Though the VW journey is over (for now), life fifteen miles from the grocery store is providing plenty of further adventures, and we’ll be keeping the blog going as we adapt to a place very different from NYC. We’re settling into our funky little home, though we’re still sort of camping – almost everything we have was in the van, and it’s funny to look around and realize that we’ve furnished (sparsely) an entire home with the stuff we carried across the country.
We’ve bought a refrigerator, washer, and dryer, and hope to get satellite internet soon…right now we have half-speed dialup, and I’m commuting to Eugene and working in coffeeshops.

Fruit trees and bushes are so lush that last year’s fruit remains, untouched even by the plump little birds…so far we’ve found plums, several varieties of apple, peaches, blackberries (everywhere!), and two types of cherry:



The fruit trees are in our “side yard”, a couple of acres of field the fruit trees share with some young pines:


Can you spot our house?


Flowers…do they bloom all year, are they confused by recent warm(er) trend?




Down by the river:




…it sure will be nice when spring comes and all the other plants come back!

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  1. Kelly

    Looks like an interesting, unique and fun place to be – hope you’re enjoying the adventure of discovering everything about your new home!
    Love, Kelly

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