Pretty food and CUTE GOATS!

You just can’t beat eating truly fresh food. Two recent meals:

IMG 3699deckburger
Naturally raised, grass-fed free-range beef from Deck Family Farm, on a bed of our own kale, topped with homegrown tomato, homegrown onion, ketchup Teri made from last year’s tomatoes, and a slice of our own goat cheese.


Breakfast today: fairy tale eggplant, kale, onion, bell pepper, yellow & red cherry tomatoes, squash flower, and sweet corn omelet (all veggies picked minutes before cooking, and of course using eggs and milk from our critters)

Did you make it this far? Good reader! You get CUTE GOATS!

Drama Queen is looking like a football ? she’s due to kid this next week!


Extremely low-res goat cuteness from my old point-n-shoot camera


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