Rear seat removal continued

The rearmost seat turned out to be worse than I thought; someone had cut the metal frame apart and made their own wooden thing, which was primitive and coming apart. I harvested fabric for future repairs to the front and middle seats and took ’em out.

The backrest of the rearmost seat hinged on two studs into the wall. I removed the trim panel and tried to get a grip on the nut I expected to find on the other side. I could feel it, but it wouldn’t budge. Felt around again and realised it’s welded onto the frame. Removing the seat was easily accomplished by turning the studs with a pliers (click photo for larger version)

One thought on “Rear seat removal continued”

  1. Suzy

    I’m amazed at your tenacity with the vanagon! Great website.
    I’m trying to decide whether to keep or sell mine. I did a lot of the mechanical work, but it’s an ’85, and I discovered it wasn’t well maintained, so it needs *everything*. Still, it’s a not so expensive as a new Eurovan, etc. Mainly, just had to compliment you on the great website! Thanks.

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