Room for ruminants

After a few weeks of mild weather, today dawned chill and rainy. I stayed inside for a while, but then had to just go “look at” the goat house. About 8 hours later, I had cleared several hundred square feet of thick old blackberry brambles. That’s the sort of thing we do for excitement out here, you see. Now I’m satisfyingly exhausted and enjoying fresh banana bread (Teri) and oatmeal cookies (me).

The whole reddish area in this picture was a tangled net of blackberry vines, mostly dead ones. It was about as tall as me, and to get the scale of it, you have to know that the white square is a bathtub that was hidden in there. (background mosaic-ed out to preserve neighbor’s privacy)

Clearing Goatlandia of old blackberry canes

Yesterday, I created and placed the roof beams for the goats’ house. They’re the only part of the structure made of purchased materials (aside from some screws) . I want it to be really, really solid in case one of the 30 foot limbs from the tree above the house falls.

You can tell I did more work on it – there’s another empty beer container resting on the beam.

Goathouse 20080224

2 thoughts on “Room for ruminants”

  1. Hilary

    I expect those goats will be having a hell of a time climbing up on that sturdy roof of yours. You’re gonna have to get out of the habit of leaving those beer cans lying around or else one day you might find on of your nannies munching away!!!


  2. Cheryl

    For future reference (Hilary), female dairy goats are called does and males are called bucks, unless they have been castrated and then they are called wethers!

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