Sad, sad day


Our Babycat, our princess, our little panther didn’t come home last night.

A neighbor found her body this morning.

We buried her on the property, in a little grove of trees, and made a headstone out of rocks we gathered from the river. We made an offering of mead to the earth, burned some sage to help her on her way, and planted some catnip.

This is her tribute.

Go in peace little spirit.








babycat stone

6 thoughts on “Sad, sad day”

  1. Lynn

    Teri and Pete,
    Just read/looked at your latest blog after Kelly told me abut Babycat. I’m so sorry; I know you loved her and will miss her. She was pretty funny to watch and listen to. Nice pictures of her; nice tribute.
    Love you, Mom

  2. Michele

    Oh no, I am practically crying as I read this–how sad, especially since she just started to explore the wonders of the outside world.

    Cute photos–very sweet.

  3. Nichelle

    Hey Guys,

    My deepest sympathies for the six toed kitty and for yall. She was really sweet. It’s a beautiful memorial.

    I bet she was happy.

  4. kate

    . . . i’m so so sorry for your loss of such a sweet fierce being . . . so glad she got a taste of the great outdoors and got to be a Supreme Slayer of Things Small . . . she’s so gorgeous . . .

  5. Teri Post Author

    mom, kelly, michele, nichelle – thank you so much for your love and support.

    and kate – welcome! it’s a pleasure to see you here. thank you for your words…

    we do miss our girl!

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