San Francisco – Beautiful city, but UGH, it’s a CITY

Obligatory Golden Gate Bridge photo.


When we set out on this journey, we thought we’d settle here…and if we were into big cities, this’d be a great choice…but after all this time camping in the wilderness, wandering the blue highways, and chatting with small-town folk, we’ve both lost our taste for the noise, pollution, etc.
Besides, we both already lived in THE city! I’ll always love New York, and especially Brooklyn, but I don’t want to breathe that crap and deal with that frantic energy on a regular basis now. It’s gonna be hard enough adapting to living indoors, and as a matter of fact we have already been talking about the next trip, or maybe full-timing

2 thoughts on “San Francisco – Beautiful city, but UGH, it’s a CITY”

  1. Kevin Fritz

    Just wanted to say hi. Looks like you guys are having a fun trip. Same ol’ stuff here, work, big warm house, long showers, tons of food in the fridge. Man i wish i could be where you guys are. I had a question. What kind of rocks are the best for doing your laundry on. Just messing with you.

    Amy and I are leaving for Arizona Sunday to visit my mom for a week. Looking forward to seeing the sun.

  2. Shannon Piercy-Alvarez

    Hello Hello! Glad you all made it to your destination. I am looking at all of those beautiful photos and feeling happy for your liberation from this strange labrinth NYC. I am a bit jealous. Good luck with everything there in Oregon!

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