Seminole Canyon State Park, Texas – 5450 miles

newmap againOnce again, Texas wowed us. None of the states we’ve seen so far come close to rivaling Tx for sheer number, variety, and quality of state parks. Some of that of course is simply due to its size – when you cross the border and see a 900-something mile marker, you know that’s a big state – but it’s clear that they appreciate what they’ve got.

Entering Seminole Canyon S.P. campground late at night, we saw what we thought was an armadillo but which upon further consideration might have been a pig-like creature known as a Peccary.

When I took Ceili for her evening walk, I saw two shadows ahead of me immediately upon exiting the camper…one small one about ten feet away, and a larger one perhaps fifteen feet beyond that. When my eyes adjusted the further shadow resolved into a fox, long and low, and I managed to get a bit closer – within a few feet of the smaller shadow – before the fox reluctantly trotted off into the brush. Now I could see that the smaller shadow was a rabbit, which only ran off when Ceili started moving toward it.

The next day, I had to take a couple of sunrise pix:



Later, Teri and I biked the trail down along the canyon, and took quite a few pictures…here’s the girl of my dreams:


…and here’s just a small sample of the incredible variety of plant life out there:

cactus flower

desert flower

cactus berry type thing

whiplike plant

The canyon itself, but photos just can’t do it justice…

Seminole Canyon

And finally, sunset. The tipi photo looks a bit unreal due to extensive burning and dodging – ie, it’s Photoshopped, but nothing one wouldn’t do in a traditional darkroom.



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  1. Don

    Hi, I’ve been following you along on your trip. Looks like you are having a great time. Hope the weather eases up on you a bit! Love the parks you’ve been visiting; you are helping me make a list of places to visit. Even the Blackwater in Florida (my home state) is new to me. How did you figure out your route? You seem to be hitting some real winning parks. Good luck onthe rest of your trip.

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