This is Sephira, one of Zoe’s daughters from this year, at one month old. She is now four months old, and has gone to live at her new home, with her uncle Barnabas and aunt Clarisse (Aberdeen’s kids from last year). I can’t believe I didn’t get any more recent photos of her before she left, but fortunately her new person has already sent us several photos of her in her new digs.

Some of our critters get to stay with us for years, but some are with us only for a short time. It’s getting easier to accept that, as time goes by.

Our current totals, including both the recent losses (to hawk and to hatchet) and the recent gains (namely, Maud’s new chicks):

  • 31 chickens (it’s too early to tell the gender for sure yet on this year’s chicks, but those that turn out to be male will be destined for “freezer camp”);
  • 9 goats (two of which are for sale: Zoe’s other daughter, Isis, and Lulu’s boy, Galahad – details on those two coming soon!);
  • 1 dog;
  • 1 cat;
  • …and hundreds of plants!

3 thoughts on “Sephira”

  1. Lisa

    …and as this darling baby’s proud new mama, I can’t be more glad you are able to let some of your brood leave home, Teri & Peter! Sephira is her own unique little spirit, so unlike either Barnabas & Clarisse, reminding me to always see each of our animal companions as the individuals they are! Here is my corgi girl “Brook” meeting her new sister..thanks so very very much. LJ/Users/sagefox/Desktop/BrookSephira.jpg

  2. Janet

    Ummm . . . do you eat any of your animals, besides the male (roosters) chickens? It seems like raising a lot of animals, but not for food nor for clothing (like sheep’s wool, which can be harvested without killing the sheep) would result in a lot of additional mouths to feed. Please explain?

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