Smells like summer camp

Despite the truth in Peter’s previous rant about many KOA campgrounds being more like parking lots, we found a perfectly lovely KOA last night in Point South, South Carolina (just off I-95).

I woke up this morning in a beautiful wooded lot, with the birds chirping and the smell of live trees and vegetation (i.e. not killed off by winter temps). Takes me right back to summer camp days.

If I could post the wonderful scents of fresh air and trees here I would, but instead will have to make do with a photo of our campsite this morning:


The only drawback we found here, was the warning that the alligators in the lake have been known to attack dogs. I can just see Ceili now: “Hello, what kind of strange squirrel are you?” CHOMP!

So we’ve kept her well away from the lake.

One thought on “Smells like summer camp”

  1. kot

    MMmmmm – green squirrels – YUM! Looks a little like a park in Spain. Sigh*** Bring on the moonshine woman!

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