Some people never learn…

I’m reviving the blog to share the restoration and customization story of my “new” 1985 VW Vanagon. She’s a 1.9l waterboxer, 7 passenger which I plan to Westfalia-ize.

As you can already tell, this isn’t going to be very interesting unless you’ve got the VW bug (groan). I have learned a lot from other VW owner’s websites and want to add to the informal repair manual which one can get by googling “vanagon”. Repairs and upgrades will be documented with photos, sources, etc.

Some tasks will unfortunately be impossible for me to do myself – I live in New York City and lack a driveway, garage, basement, etc. I’d LOVE to hear from anyone who can recommend a local VW mechanic to install a crate engine and tranny.

I’ve got a long parts wishlist, of course, but the one that seems most elusive is this: one of the smaller pop-tops that doesn’t have the cot or bed. The ones I have in mind look like they go up about 1.5′, and are maybe 4.5′ square. Seems to be the only kitchen headroom option that doesn’t require welding, and I have a crazy idea about a collapsing shower unit, as well.

Find me one of those things and I’ll totally sleep with you. OK, you’d rather have the $50 finders’ fee, I can do that too.