Something beautiful in our yard

Look at the photo and you’ll see it.

Yes, that’s right, the steel pole behind the deer! That pole means that we now have more-or-less high speed internet access with a satellite system from Wild Blue. Saves me a 30-50 mile commute every day, and now when people send me photos of their kids I can actually go “awwww”, instead of cursing them for making my email retrieval timeout =)

Yeah, the deer is pretty too.

Deer and satellite dish

3 thoughts on “Something beautiful in our yard”

  1. Diana

    Though I look on your blog often, after seeing such wonderful pictures and feeling such wonderful energy, i get lazy about writing to you. But tonight, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading about your adventure and am happy and glad that someone out there is living this life. We went to Colombia for two weeks, had a great time and now we are back and just back to the same routine.
    Loved the jam pictues, the pole and your house and the lovely surrroundings.

    Looking forward to seeing you some time.
    love, Diana

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