Taking eggs from under a broody hen

I recommend wearing gloves. The thick ones, like you would use for gardening or other outdoor work. Or developing a high pain threshold. ‘Cause when they’re broody, they really, really don’t want you taking their eggs away…

3 thoughts on “Taking eggs from under a broody hen”

  1. Suzie

    I dont blame them thats a lot of hard work. You try squeezing an egg out of your vagina and tell me if you want someone grabbing it..the egg that is

  2. Peter

    No more chicks for a while…we are falling behind in housing construction here, to the point where the one odd-bird-out is still living in the living room at night and in a chicken tractor (portable, bottomless cage) by day.

    Suze – it’s even more amazing when you see that the eggs are about the size of “small” ones in the grocery store…but the birds are tiny (Bantams)

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