Thanks once again, Dr. Porsche*

This post may bore or mystify some, but I know a couple of guys who’ll appreciate it…

Teri’s Beetle: too much play in the steering wheel, klunking when reversing direction, shaking when cornering.

Tied a rope to the steering wheel and went underneath with a flashlight.

Pulled the rope, and found the play – steering box. Motion goes in, but it don’t come out (until the ‘klunk’ happens)

Googled super beetle steering box. Rebuilt $200, NOS $300+, used maybe good $75. Dang. And what fun it’ll be to get to it.

Checked my favorite VW site and found out that it’s adjustable as it wears! Loosened a locknut, tightened a screw, checked wheel (repeat repeat) and torqued the locknut back down.

No more excessive play, no more shaking, no more klunking; drives like a sports car now on these twisty mountain roads =)

* Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was the designer of the original VW Beetle.